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Ilkem Marble and Granite
Ilkem Marble and Granite: The Top Choice for Countertops

Ilkem Marble and Granite offers a wide variety of countertops, including Granite, Quartz, and Marble. We have a large selection of colors and styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect countertop for your kitchen. Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the right countertop for your needs and provide installation services that are fast and reliable.

Kitchen Countertops

Because the kitchen is typically seen as the heart of a home, it’s important to make sure that it’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional. If your kitchen looks outdated or could use some improvement, you may want to start planning a remodel. By working with a professional contractor or designer, you can create a brand-new kitchen that will become the best feature of your house for years to follow.

Bathroom Countertops

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. Not only is it where you start and end your day, but it’s also a place for personal hygiene. Consequently, having both a functional and comfortable bathroom is key. A well-designed bathroom can make your daily routine more enjoyable and add value to your home.

Ilkem Marble and Granite: The Best Source for Kitchen Countertops

At Ilkem Marble and Granite, we know that you want to be in good hands. Our team of highly trained and professional specialists is passionate about their work and only uses the most up-to-date processes and materials to ensure that your renovation is completed the first time correctly. We offer an array of services so that you can pick and choose which ones best fit your needs.

If you’re searching for an affordable way to upgrade your home, look no further than Ilkem Marble and Granite. We offer everything you need to create your dream bathroom and kitchen, from kitchen cabinets and countertops to tiles. Plus, our team of experts is always on hand to provide personalized attention and guidance. So when you need quality tile for your next renovation or refresh project, make sure to visit us first!
Our showroom exists to help turn your kitchen and bathroom dreams into reality. You won’t have to go at it alone – we’ll be with you throughout the entirety of the process, ensuring that what you envisioned comes to fruition. With a team consisting of members with many years of experience in this field, we can provide expert guidance on every detail – from start to finish. Great customer service is always something you can expect when working with us.
Ilkem Marble and Granite’s number one priority is excellent client service for the company’s long-term success. We make sure of this by providing you with only the best customer service possible. If you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation, our team of specialists is more than happy to help, including offering expert advice.
Creating an Attractive, Well-Organized Space
At Ilkem Marble and Granite, we help you create beautiful kitchens and bathrooms that are unique. We believe that every room should be a reflection of the people who use it, and so our team works closely with our valuable clients to create spaces that meet their needs and style preferences.

At our company, we pride ourselves in using top-of-the-line materials to produce outstanding final luxury kitchen and bathroom designs!


The last step is to make your vision a reality, which is something we specialize in here at Ilkem Marble and Granite. We wholeheartedly believe that every project deserves this finishing touch.


We aim to make installation easy and efficient so that we can keep our promise of providing gorgeous kitchens and bathrooms. You won’t be alone throughout any part of the process – we’ll be with you every step of the way.


It’s not unusual to feel a confusing mix of happiness and sadness after finishing a home renovation. Give yourself some time to relax and enjoy the moment. Remember all the love and care you put into the project when feeling grateful for completing it.

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About Ilkem Marble and Granite

We source our materials from countries across the globe. We have over 1500 slabs stocked at our 20,000 sq/ft indoor facility and over 150 granite colors and about 300 Quartz colors to choose from. Not only do we provide granite, quartzite, slate and marble but we also deal with Silestone, Caesarstone, Pental Quartz, MSI Q and more engineered stone products.

Marble and Granite, Countertop Store – Allentown Pa

Ilkem Marble and Granite is a leading countertop store in kitchen and bathroom countertops with many years of experience. Our company’s principle of professionalism, quality material selection, and original designs offer our customers aesthetic and durable countertop options.

Countertop Supply and Installation Service

As a countertop contractor, we aim to create not just a countertop but also a work of art. We bring the uniqueness and durability of natural stone to our customers’ living spaces.We offer a service package to our customers by not only designing but also offering professional installation services. With their meticulous work and quality artistry, our experienced team ensures that the countertops are installed smoothly, from cutting the stones to the design.Ilkem Marble and Granite prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers unique solutions to customers’ requests and needs. We are a countertop store that aims to exceed the expectations of its customers and ensures customer satisfaction with reliable communication and a professional approach at every stage.We aim to constantly provide innovative and quality solutions by closely following the developments in the sector. As a countertop contractor, we aim to provide the best service to our customers by using the advantages brought by technology.

Types of Countertops We Install

We offer our customers a unique experience with countertops carefully cut and designed from granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite, combining aesthetics and durability.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops highlight the elegance and unique texture of nature. Each marble countertop offers a customized aesthetic with its natural patterns and color tones. Installing marble countertops, our expert team adds refinement and elegance to your space.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops combine modern design with durability. Quartz offers an excellent option with its rigid and durable structure. We cut and assemble quartz countertops in special sizes to add elegance and durability to your space.

Quartzite Countertops

Ilkem Marble and Granite highlights naturalness and finesse in its quartzite countertops. Quartzite countertops offer both visually impressive and durable use. Our experienced team cuts, designs, and assembles quartzite countertops according to our customers’ needs.

Granite Countertops

In addition to being used in many different areas, granite is a raw material that can be used for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Thanks to its easy cleaning and durability, it is a material preferred by homeowners. Ilkem Marble and Granite, as a countertop contractor, undertakes all steps of producing granite countertops, from granite slab cutting to assembly.

Our Countertop Installation Process

Ilkem Marble and Granite specializes in installing kitchen and bathroom countertops and works with exclusive stones such as granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite. The company offers a unique experience to our customers with its countertops that impress with their aesthetic designs and stand out with their durability.

We know very well how serious and important our job is. Countertops’ cutting, design, and assembly are not processes that can ignore even minor errors. That’s why we take every step of our work meticulously. The steps of the countertop installation process, which we undertake with discipline and meticulousness, are as follows:

  1. Professional Consulting: We provide professional consultancy services to offer our customers the most suitable solutions. Our company helps customers determine the most suitable countertop material, considering their aesthetic preferences, space characteristics, and usage needs. Thanks to the advice of our consultants, it is much easier for our customers to make a choice.
  2. Customized Designs and Dimensions: After our customers decide which material their countertops will be produced from, the countertops to be made are cut according to the desired dimensions. We turn the cut raw material into kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops.
  3. Transportation and Assembly: Transporting countertops made of natural stone requires care and attention. Because cracks or scratches on the countertop are situations the customer does not want, Ilkem Marble and Granite brings your countertops to your place without any problems and installs them with its expert transportation and installation team.

Why Choose Ilkem for Your Countertop Needs

Ilkem Marble and Granite is a countertop store with high-quality standards. Natural stones such as granite, marble, and quartzite are carefully selected for aesthetic appearance and long life. We offer quality and artistry by showing the same care in the assembly process.

We provide reliable customer service by working meticulously during the assembly process. Our professional and experienced installation teams place and fix the countertops correctly. In this way, our customers can safely use their durable and robust countertops for many years.

We design countertops and provide full service to our customers during the assembly process. As a countertop contractor, we install the countertops correctly and safely with our professional teams. We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer solutions specific to needs. If you are looking for a countertop store, contact us.

Calacatta Quartz 59.99/sq.ft Including Installation and an Undermount Sink.
minimum 30 sq.ft