How to measure your kitchen

How to Measure Your Kitchen For Cabinets

Measuring your kitchen for cabinets can be easy. Used together, our step-by-step video, How to Measure Your Kitchen, and our Cabinet Measuring Guide show you exactly what you need to measure your space. Below you will find instructions on sending your measurements to your designer.

How to Send Us Your Kitchen Measurements

The easiest way to send your kitchen measurements is to scan your drawing or take a picture and save it to your electronic device (computer or phone) and then email it to your Project Designer. You can also forward pictures of your current kitchen.


If your files are larger than that you can submit multiple emails. Please be sure to include your contact information and email your measurements to:

Smart Phone

Take a picture (or a series of pictures) of your measurements on your smart phone and you can email them directly to , You can also attach your layout and text it to your Project Designer’s phone number. Please be sure to include your contact information.


If all else fails you can send your file via U.S. Mail. Keep copies for yourself and mail to:

997 Postal Rd Allentown,
Pennsylvania 18109

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